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About Us

Proud of 17 Years Excellence

Founded in 2006, Black Sheep Services offers bookkeeping, business management and advisory. We service a wide variety of clients both new and existing, large and small throughout the U.S. as a 100% remote office where building relationships with our clients is our number one priority.

We use our extensive knowledge of technology to free our clients to focus on what’s most important. Our services are tailored to each client so that you get the best experience and technology that works for you.

About More

Professional and Experienced

Our staff are experienced, knowledgeable and certified.

Flexible Services

We will tailor our services to fit you and your budget.

Trusted Partner Since 2006

We take our time to get to know you and your business to become a valued member of your team.

Information at your Fingertips

We have been helping businesses transition to the cloud, reduce costs, increase functionality and gain insights.

Our Features

Let us provide a solid foundation for your financial success!

New Organizations

Get started on the right foot with organized procedures, meaningful reports, and effective technology. we'll keep it clean and simple.

Fix & Control Damage

We'll fix it, get it up and running, and keep it that way

Catch Up and stay there

We'll get your records and reports under control, put accurate information at your fingertips.

Save time and money

Make your system more effective and easy to use. Standardize your books, records, and reports.

Avoid the tax time crunch

Make sure you are up-to-date and ready for filing.

Reduce time with Accountants/CPAs

We'll make sure your records are pre-prepared, properly formatted, and ready to go.

Monitor expenses

Keep your vendors and other payables from growing on you.

Remove and prevent inaccuracies caused by staff turnover and clashing bookkeepers

Improve consistency to make your records and reports more accurate.

Gain Consistency

Independence from individual staff or part-time bookkeepers. Our customized, well-documented procedures are easily transferrable without losing continuity or causing a mess.


Our Expert Team

Meet the flock at Black Sheep Services

Marni Garcia


President / Owner


VP Operations





What Our Clients Say

"We got so much more than a bookkeeper"


Bonnie Silverman

OwnerPost Mortem Studio Rentals - Los Angeles, CA

"Hi - I've been thinking about this for a while. Please use any ( or none) of it on your website. I really appreciate you! We hired a bookkeeping service to help us put some order into our small business, but when we found you, we got so much more than a bookkeeper. We got a warm, energetic person. We got professionalism. We got guidance and help on so many areas of our business, including payroll, benefits, taxes, advertising, networking, computer help, employee training and interviewing. Your approach to your clients is a multi-faceted approach: you made a point of getting to know us and our business thoroughly, observing, asking questions, initiating discussions with us, problem solving, getting to know us personally. You built trust, and you gave us personalized service, specific to our business and our needs."


Kathryn M. Dodson

Former President & CEOSanta Monica Chamber of Commerce

"For the last four years, your expertise and improvements to our accounting systems have helped us transition from operating at a loss to being financially profitable today. You treat our business as if it were your own, are always looking for ways to increase revenue and decrease expenses, and have made a difference to our bottom line. You are also a joy to work with, get along well with all of our employees, and have been one of our most valued team members."


Ashley Emenegger

Former Executive DirectorLos Angeles Art Association

"I have so appreciated how great and patient and helpful and delightful you have been. I have truly enjoyed working with you. You have been a guiding star and a super help and pal in these last months. You are a super star. Thank you for everything!"


Peter Meys

Executive DirectorLos Angeles Art Association

"Marni Garcia and Blacksheep Service's comprehensive bookkeeping services have demonstrated an ongoing thoroughness, transparency and (most potently) a responsiveness that is essential for the needs of our active and growing non-profit agency."


JC Jaress

Southern California Print & GraphicsAltadena CA

"Thank you! Thank you again for digging me out and keeping me from the Quickbooks nightmare that I had envisioned."


Christine Dillon, C.P.A

PresidentDillon Accounting & Consulting, Inc.

"I have worked with Marni for several years on mutual clients. She is always proactive with clients to foresee and solve issues quickly and efficiently. Marni provides quality services at reasonable prices, in addition the product she delivers to a CPA is complete and timely."